Product Solutions

Laserfiche - The Laserfiche document management product suite comprises a modular set of capture, distribution, process management and integration tools. Designed to solve problems in the real world, Laserfiche products work together to balance sometimes competing points of view without compromising the basics of efficiency, security or technical workability.

Laserfiche Electronic Content Management

Fast Folders™ Working within a Laserfiche repository, Fast Folders almost instantly generates a folder structure as simple or complex as needed, with minimal input from a user or an input file. Learn more

Fast Folders

UnIT - Any application that can generate a command line can be integrated quickly and seamlessly with Laserfiche using the Universal Integration Tool. Gain easy connectivity to many applications and search and browse documents through a simple command line interface to Laserfiche. Learn more

Laserfiche/Yardi Integration - Integrate Laserfiche with YARDI, a popular web based accounting system. Integrating systems will streamline the accounts payable process and allow users to scan bills and receipts once and house them in both Laserfiche and YARDI. The integrated system will store the batch and control numbers as well as images for future review and faster reconciliation. Learn more

Export Volume Manager - Establish routine and scheduled Laserfiche volume (activity) backups and export them on a batch basis. An exported volume can be reattached to Laserfiche, unlike regular volumes stored on backup tape that require time consuming restoring.