How to Improve Business Processes

Moving information through your system efficiently is the lifeblood of being able to respond quicly and accuractely to any situation.. Our services of digitizing your current document workflow will help increase all around productivity, and also help you to determine where the communication gaps are. As each document passes through the workflow, you have the ability to track it as it moves, and set custom alerts when there is a hold up in the process. The end result is a savings of both time, and money.

Automating Communication with External Stakeholders

Laserfiche has a module called Import Agent which is server based and will monitor unlimited devices such as smart copiers, print queues, fax machines, etc.; anything that can write to a disc cache. As soon as it is finished writing to the cache, the file is imported into Laserfiche. Depending on the device writing the information depends on how much information can be extracted to further route the information in Laserfiche. Generally there is enough information coming form IA for workflow to take over and move to an appropriate folder for further action. In addition, Laserfiche Workflow allows for automating communication directly through email based upon rules set up by the administrator. It will communicate to other Fax and Print devices using custom script activities that may be configured directly inside of Workflow.

Laserfiche has a powerful GUI that allows creation of workflows in a very short period. You drag and drop objects into place, set parameters in the properties area and test it out. There is a complete trace module that show what the path of the workflow was, what objects executed, how long it took and what the results were.

Workflow Designer GUI to assemble a workflow

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