Enabling Cost Effective ECM to YARDI Applications

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Do you have YARDI as your property management accounting system? Do you have or have you considered a Content/Document management system? STG has the answer. Let me give you reasons why it is beneficial to have both. And, if you don’t have YARDI, you can still use Laserfiche with other accounting systems for many of the same reasons.

Benefits to supplementing LASERFICHE with YARDI:
1. Both are premier products in their fields – YARDI for property management accounting and Laserfiche for content/document management.
2. Laserfiche will tie directly to YARDI so the property manager can enter invoices into YARDI right at the site and the document is stored in Laserfiche. When documents are needed for auditing or federal reporting, they are easily and quickly found in Laserfiche.
3. Even though YARDI will archive documents it will only do so for accounting. How about HR or contracts, project management or other non accounting departments? Laserfiche works across all departments.
4. Only Laserfiche will track all of your documents tied to a specific project(s). How many emails, letters, spreadsheets, contracts, invoices, etc. do you have associated with a specific project? Laserfiche puts them all in one place and allows you to search for the information over 30 different ways. A full text search can bring up documents in seconds.
5. If you don’t like putting all of your eggs in one basket, having both applications complements each other and gives you the best advantages of both. In addition Laserfiche is a fully functional process management application so workflow can automate much of the document management tasks do today manually.
6. And how about electronic forms? Laserfiche had an extremely versatile electronic forms module including its own forms management workflow.

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