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New “Low Cost” Agenda Manager using LF Forms

Every city in the US has a city council that meets at least once a month and this means the City Clerk (CC) has to put together an agenda for each meeting. The agenda typically consists of resolutions and other business that the city conducts publicly. To prepare for the meeting the CC has to collect a wide variety of paper and electronic files so the council has all the necessary documentation to review at the time of the meeting. There are agenda manager programs on the market, but we have found them to be expensive, difficult to use and even more difficult to maintain.

Cut EOB and Remittance Processing by 80%

EOBs are time consuming documents when you need to research information which is probably every day. If you get 500 remittances a day with the STG/Laserfiche archiving system you can store all 500 remittances in about 15 minutes. And 20 years of remittances/EOBs will fit on a device smaller than this piece of paper that you are reading. Your research lookup per patient will now take less than one minute – and the best part is you don’t have to leave your desk!

Laserfiche 9 Forms

Laserfiche 9 Is Here!!

Automatically Breaking out Ledger Entries

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