HR, Evaluation,Travel & POs

Electronic forms is a way to bypass the paper process entirely thus bringing productivity to an even higher level. There are several departments within a company that can easily benefit from SMART forms management.

• Travel
• HR
• Purchasing
• Evaluation

Case Studies Authored by Joanna Stusarz - Laserfiche Solution Exchange

Employee Onboarding
Advantages: Job applications legible and complete
Quickly and seamlessly process to people and devices
Status available immediately thus eliminating bottlenecks

Customer Onboarding
Advantages: Entirely paperless
Dynamic fields in forms allow only information pertinent to the applicant
Seamless integration with workflow thus automating the entire business process
Forms easily tracked throughout the entire business process

Travel Requests
Advantages: Paperless start to finish
Efficiently capture information from multiple people on the same form
Integrates directly into the business process
Administrators can oversee forms at any point in the process

Employee Evaluations
Advantages: Employee performance and observation process can be easily adapted to most organizations

Purchase Orders
Advantages: POs can be electronically signed and routed
Efficient and timely because everyone involved is notified immediately of their upcoming tasks. Process is easily monitored by the administrator(s)
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