Laserfiche 9 Forms

Laserfiche 9 Is Here!!

Laserfiche 9 was officially announced at the annual conference last week. And it is a very exciting release. The LF look and feel is the same but under the hood LF has added electronic forms. And not just forms, but a truly smart form with its own business process capability that ties in directly with the already powerful workflow capability that the Avante and RIO systems have had for several years now. Workflow which LF is now referring to as business processes, is a very powerful tool that allows you to implement a great deal of automation on your documents. Things like adding information to your template fields, changing names, adding up totals in multi-value fields, gaining approvals and getting information for outside databases to name a few. Now LF has added electronic forms capability with its own business process ‘smarts’ that allow you manipulate forms. For instance, if you have a multi part form, but do not want parts B,C and D to show until certain fields equal certain values, the business process will keep them hidden until the conditions are correct. Instead of paper, it can all be electronic now.

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