Cut EOB and Remittance Processing by 80%

EOBs are time consuming documents when you need to research information which is probably every day. If you get 500 remittances a day with the STG/Laserfiche archiving system you can store all 500 remittances in about 15 minutes. And 20 years of remittances/EOBs will fit on a device smaller than this piece of paper that you are reading. Your research lookup per patient will now take less than one minute – and the best part is you don’t have to leave your desk!

No more paper piling up everywhere. No more storage boxes or expensive library shelves. No more having to call the storage company for boxes. And the best part – No more lost documents!!

Great, but what is the cost you ask?

For well under $10K you can purchase the software, a 60 page/minute 6140z Fujitsu Scanner which scans single and dual sides on a single pass and fits in less than 1 SF area on your desk. This price also includes two days of on-site professional training from a company that has been helping clients with process improvements for 15 years. This is a 3 user configuration, but of course there is no limit to the number of users you can have on a system.

When you calculate the cost of the system vs. the labor savings it is not difficult to come up with a 3 month ROI!!

The EOB/remittance system works on your existing desktop computer and it is likely that IT will not have to purchase any additional hardware other than possibly some additional disc space.

And that is not all! After you get your EOB/remittances under control this very powerful electronic content management system can tame the wilds of AP, AR, HR, compliance, purchasing, patient records and any other paper intensive department of your organization. It can even integrate directly with your EMR system. The software comes complete with a very powerful workflow module and has additional automated capture, audit trail and web access modules.

Additional information, download the full .pdf here.