STG Announces New LF Forms Module

STG is announcing a new LF Forms module that we hope you will find useful. It is called FormPrint.

Most forms in LF begin with a paper form of some sort. Once the form is developed with LF Forms, the information gathered is the same as on the paper form, but the output of that information ON THAT FORM is no longer possible. What FormPrint does is takes the original paper form where the user has scanned it as a .tif image and then applies the data captured in LF from the electronic form and places it directly into the .tif image. Depending on the complexity of the form, setting up the output takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. All the information is stored in xml files, so changes can be easily made if necessary. The resulting output now includes both the input from the electronic form on one page and the updated image with data as a .tif image on another page.

FormPrint is a cmd line driven module that can be run directly from DOS, as a WF Business Process or as a WF SDK module. Click here to see a demonstration.