New “Low Cost” Agenda Manager using LF Forms

Every city in the US has a city council that meets at least once a month and this means the City Clerk (CC) has to put together an agenda for each meeting. The agenda typically consists of resolutions and other business that the city conducts publicly. To prepare for the meeting the CC has to collect a wide variety of paper and electronic files so the council has all the necessary documentation to review at the time of the meeting. There are agenda manager programs on the market, but we have found them to be expensive, difficult to use and even more difficult to maintain. STG was recently asked to build a low cost agenda manager using LF Forms. The result was a relatively simple to use system that allows anyone in the city to submit an agenda item, allows the CC to approve all agenda items before they get on the list and allows for a tiered approval of the items based on their content by a variety of city management levels. Once approved the agenda items along with their electronic document are all assembled into a LF repository ready to be published by the CC. The LF Forms workflows make extensive use of routing, email, rejection and approval at a variety of levels in the city before the agenda items even gets to the LF repository. STG built several SQL queries and tables that provide flexibility for automatically routing information to the appropriate city personnel. For more information on how you can provide your city with this solution, contact STG at 256-532-1991 x201 or contact us at