One Search

One Search is an innovative tool developed by STG to give Laserfiche users the ability to search across multiple databases. Through a single application, One Search offers the Laserfiche user a way to quickly search for documents within all the repositories, that they have rights to access.

Repositories are attached to the One Search application by the user through a simple drop down menu. One Search uses Windows Authentication or Laserfiche User Login to validate that the user has repository rights. Upon authentication the repositories can be accessed by the user to make searches by Full Text, Field, or Document Name. Any combination or all three can be chosen. The application will then display all documents found. The user simply clicks on the document name to open it within Laserfiche. To further assist the user in a quicker search, repositories are held in One Search until access is removed from the application by the user.

For more information contact:
256 532-1991 x201

One Search works with Laserfiche 8.x - 10.x.