Automatically Breaking out Ledger Entries

Why should you be interested?

There are clearly accounting systems that are designed to provide the breaking out of invoices to specific GL and subGL accounts, but do they archive the document also? Most do not and if they do the archiving process is generally cumbersome. The value of the Laserfiche/STG process is it takes AP invoices which require multiple GL and SubGL codes per invoice and breaks them into their respective entries and then sends the information to a separate accounting import engine. That engine then retrieves the information and places it into the accounting system. The advantage of this system is that all of the archival and coding information are maintained by Laserfiche as well as the accounting system, but data entry is only done once in Laserfiche. There are a myriad of rules of checks and balances along the way to assure that the information is accurate and formatted correctly for the accounting system. Behind this process are four workflows and two integration modules. This process can be adapted to a variety of similar accounts payable processes because the rules are flexible in structure and can be modified as needed.

If you want more information, download the full .pdf here.